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Knew Anna from her Khmer Study Group and Phnom Penhian, She were organizing Khmer study group for expats, giving them an opportunity to learn about language and culture plus meeting the local people and others from many different cultures, on top of that Phnom Penhian is a social group where everyone has an opportunity to connect to one and anothers, exchange ideas, opinions, languages, cultures as well as many fun activities that connect the world together as one, it an amazing act that any human should have and would want to experience that. This girl is a connector.

Pherum Un, Cambodia


I was new in Phnom Penh and was looking for places to learn the local language - Khmer. I came across Khmer Study Group - KSG's free lessons on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I was very impressed with the way they managed it. I also loved the concept that they made us socialise with other expats and locals!! Not only did I learn all my basic-transactional Khmer through them, I also met and made a lot of friends. I would definitely recommend KSG for anyone who is in Phnom Penh and looking to learn Khmer.

Sanket Shetty, India


The Khmer study group has been a great opportunity for me to get to know people from different countries and learning basics of khmer language at the same time - I definitely recommend this event to all people who like to socialize and would like to push their language skills to the next level. Big thanks to the people making this possible!

Carla Beyer, Germany

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TNAOT APP is a media platform that focus on information in Cambodia.

Interview with TNAOT magazine in August 2019, about my projects in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Interview for Reni Agustin

About my time in Cambodia, March 2020

People on The Move - Anna, The Binder!

I didn’t know what to expect when I first come to Cambodia, but I fell in love with this country since the very first start!

I came to Cambodia for an internship in a sustainable fashion company for 4 months, then I stayed more than a year as I discovered that Phnom Penh is my happy place where I learned so much about myself, happiness, freedom and the sense of life.

Talking about Phnom Penh feels like you must describe love of your life and you can’t even put your feelings into words.

I treasure the freedom, all the opportunities and projects, the always shining sun, all the small wonders every day.

I fell in love with the people and their smile. Their positive vibes and welcoming aura make you feel safe in a new city. People who stay calm and laugh about situations, where others would have freaked out or get nervous. I learned so much from this positive, calmness, and friendly attitude.

I undoubtedly love the community with a crazy strong bond in Phnom Penh. Each of us is coming from different places with our own different story, but we stick together and help each other like one big family. These people are the friendliest, funniest, craziest, and happiest people I have ever met.

Surrounded by them left me no choice but to also become deeply happy from within and to discover that I need to surround myself with positive people in my life.

Organizing community events in Phnom Penh enabled me to find out my big passion on community building, leading groups and to organise events for those. Being an introverted and shy person in Germany, Cambodia changed me completely to an extroverted, self-confident person, who is comfortable to socialise and being active in daily basis.

I went back and brought jewel from Kingdom of Wonder; courage to step out of my comfort zone.


Thanks to Anna I learn that people can be pretty and popular, at the same time not intimidating.

I learn more to bind community, provide welcoming environment, and make others feel included.

Anna is a living proof of beautiful person, inside out.

A barbie with saint heart.

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