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Phnom Penhian Friendsmas Party

In 2019, the Phnom Penhian celebrated Christmas eve as one big Phnom Penh Family, since that’s what we are. 

We made sure to let nobody be alone on this day, so everyone grabbed their loved ones and joined us for that magical evening. 

Since Christmas without a present would be pretty boring, we played Secret Santa.
Of course we had a Christmas Tree & the perfect setting for an unwrapping session. 

... and yes, we screened cheesy Christmas movies, danced and sang along to Mariah Carey, played board games and had some nice drinks & food  - as I said, nobody realised they were missing something for that year’s Christmas party - maybe it was the most special one we ever had! 

Location was:
The cosy upper floor of „The Deck“ in Phnom Penh

Pictures by: Hi Du Ky

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